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Unlock Your Property's Development Potential.

We offer expert Site Assessments for existing property owners or those considering purchasing a particular site.

Seeking advice on how to capitalise on your site's development opportunities?

Site Feasibility


With a comprehensive working knowledge of Planning & Building controls across Victoria, we can provide an initial Site Assessment or a more detailed Development Feasibility Report that will help you to determine the best options for developing your site.

  • Preliminary Pre-purchase Site Assessments.

  • Detailed Development Feasibility reports.

  • Trusted Experience & Understanding of Planning Scheme & other often complex Zoning & Regulatory Constraints.

  • Analysis of Physical Attributes such as Site Access, Orientation, and Neighbourhood context through the eyes of an experiences registered architect.

  • Outline Schematic Designs & Spatial Massing Analysis.

  • Urban, Suburban, Regional Sites.

  • No property too big or small!

Request a Fee Proposal for your Site Feasibility Assessment

From $750 (ex GST)

Site Assessments

  • Outline assessment of a site in order to help you identify Opportunities & Constraints as well as Development potential.

  • Overview & Interpretation of Town Planning & other statutory controls or regulations.

  • Typically assessed as a 'desktop' analysis.

  • Can be carried out either prior to potential purchase of a property or for owners looking to develop their existing property.




  • Detailed assessment of the physical characteristics, statutory context and likely development potential of your site.

  • Identify risk profile and optimum development yield potential.

From $1,800 (ex GST)

  • Analysis including preliminary 3D massing studies to determine maximum gross floor areas

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Planning Permit


  • Planning Permit Applications for anything from Single Dwellings/Extensions, Multi-Unit Residential Developments, Mixed Used Developments as well as Retail / Commercial / Industrial Developments.

  • Seamless progression into design phase once Development Feasibility establishes project goals and aspirations.

  • Recommend trusted Town Planning and other Specialist Consultants to assist with complex applications

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